Newlands: Originally this house was designed for a family. It is nestled below the slopes of Table mountain and Kirstenbosch. The house has been renovated to an upmarket guest house completely reworking the existing bathrooms and living areas, including the addition of lounges, wine cellars and conference rooms. This upmarket guest house is frequented by local and foreign visitors alike.


Conway Court is situated on Victoria Road, Bantry Bay. The residential block consist of 14 apartments built in the late 1960’s. MLP was awarded the contract to upgrade all its services, including the stormwater drains, plumbing and sewer reticulation and the conversion of the existing electrical reticulation to comply with new Council regulations. Together with the services upgrade, the external plaster on the front facade was removed in order to reinstate the plaster work with a water-resilient application. The contract took approximately 6 months with the majority of the works taking place on the edge of the road reserve while some apartments were occupied.   


Christel House School is a Non-Profit Organisation based in Ottery. MLP was awarded this contract to construct “pop-up” dormitories in order to accommodate sleeping quarters for learners during the exam periods. These dormitories are situated within the double-volume space of the existing main school hall and were constructed utilising steel & timber materials. The external and internal façade of these structures were cladded with the fire-resistant materials in order to comply with strict fire regulations. During this 6 month process, MLP managed and performed various other activities within the school including upgrading the fire alarm system, stairs and seating facilities to the relevant sports fields and quads.


Plum Park consists of 3 office blocks, situated in Gabriel Road, Plumstead. MLP was awarded the contract to upgrade all the offices, foyers, basement parking including the alterations and modernizing of the existing toilet facilities. In conjunction with these works, MLP performed and managed the completion of the perimeter boundary wall, landscaping, painting, civils, parking bays including the upgrade of the entrance security. The works took 4.5 months to complete.